[Python-Dev] Traceback style

Ka-Ping Yee ping@lfw.org
Tue, 2 May 2000 09:43:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Greg Ward wrote:
> >         In the common interactive case that the file
> >         is a typed-in string, the current printout is
> >         
> >             File "<stdin>", line 1
> >         
> >         and the following is easier to read in my opinion:
> > 
> >             Line 1 of <stdin>
> OK, that's a good reason.  Maybe you could special-case the "<stdin>"
> case?

...and "<string>", and "<console>", and perhaps others... ?

    File "<string>", line 3

just looks downright clumsy the first time you see it.
(Well, it still looks kinda clumsy to me or i wouldn't be
proposing the change.)

Can someone verify the already-parseable-by-Emacs claim, and
describe how you get Emacs to do something useful with bits
of traceback?  (Alas, i'm not an Emacs user, so understanding
just how the current format is useful would help.)

-- ?!ng