[Python-Dev] issues with int/long on 64bit platforms - eg stringobject (PR#306)

Trent Mick trentm@activestate.com
Fri, 5 May 2000 10:25:48 -0700

I posted a couple of patches a couple of days ago to correct the string
methods implementing slice-like optional parameters (count, find, index,
rfind, rindex) to properly clamp slice index values to the proper range (any
PyInt or PyLong value is acceptible now). In fact the slice_index() function
that was being used in ceval.c was reused (renamed to _PyEval_SliceIndex).

As well, the other patch changes PyArg_ParseTuple's 'b', 'h', and 'i'
formatters to raise an OverflowError if they overflow.


p.s. I thought I would whine here for some more attention. Who needs that
Unicode stuff anyway. ;-)