[Python-Dev] cvs for dummies

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Sun, 14 May 2000 05:19:44 +1000

> >   Delete the file(s) that got changed and cvs update again.
> okay, what's the best way to get a list of locally changed files?

Diff the directory.  Or better still, use wincvs - nice little red icons
for the changed files.

> (in this case, one file ended up with neat little <<<<<<< and
> >>>>>> marks in it...  several weeks and about a dozen CVS
> updates after I'd touched it...)

This happens when CVS can't manage to perform a successful merge.  You
original is still there, but with a funky name (in the same directory - it
should be obvious).

WinCV also makes this a little more obvious - the icon has a special
"conflict" indicator, and the console messages also reflect the conflict in