[Python-Dev] join() et al.

Skip Montanaro skip@mojam.com (Skip Montanaro)
Tue, 16 May 2000 09:52:59 -0500 (CDT)

    >> Alternatively, there has been talk about moving join() into the
    >> built-ins, but I'm not sure if the semantics of tha have been nailed
    >> down.

    Marc> This is probably the way to go. Semantics should probably
    Marc> be:

    Marc> 	join(seq,sep) := reduce(lambda x,y: x + sep + y, seq)

    Marc> and should work with any type providing addition or concat slot
    Marc> methods.

Of course, while it will always yield what you ask for, it might not always
yield what you expect:

    >>> seq = [1,2,3]
    >>> sep = 5
    >>> reduce(lambda x,y: x + sep + y, seq)


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