[Python-Dev] Re: Python multiplexing is too hard (was: Network statistics program)

Fred L. Drake fdrake@acm.org
Mon, 22 May 2000 07:21:48 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 19 May 2000, David Ascher wrote:
 > I'm pretty sure I know where it came from -- it came from Sam Rushing's
 > tutorial on how to use Medusa, which was more or less cut & pasted into the
 > doc, probably at the time that asyncore and asynchat were added to the
 > Python core.  IMO, it's not the best part of the Python doc -- it is much
 > too low-to-the ground, and assumes the reader already understands much about
 > I/O, sync/async issues, and cares mostly about high performance.  All of

  It's a fairly young section, and I haven't had as much time to review
and edit that or some of the other young sections.  I'll try to pay
particular attention to these as I work on the 1.6 release.

 > which are true of wonderful Sam, most of which are not true of the average
 > Python user.
 > While we're complaining about doc, asynchat is not documented, I believe.
 > Alas, I'm unable to find the time to write up said documentation.

  Should that situation change, I'll gladly accept a section on asynchat!
Or, if anyone else has time to contribute...??


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