[Python-Dev] Towards native fileevents in Python (Was Re: Python multiplexing is too hard)

Alexandre Ferrieux alexandre.ferrieux@cnet.francetelecom.fr
Tue, 23 May 2000 09:51:07 +0200

Neil Hodgson wrote:
> > Other. Forget about sockets here, we're talking about true anonymous
> > pipes, under 95 and NT. Since they are not waitable nor peekable,
> > the only remaining option is to read in blocking mode from a dedicated
> > thread. ...
>    Anonymous pipes are peekable on both 95 and NT with PeekNamedPipe.

Hmmm... You're right, it's documented as such. But I seem to recall we
encountered a problem when actually using it. I'll check with Gordon
Chaffee (Cc of this msg).