[Python-Dev] homer-dev, anyone?

Skip Montanaro skip@mojam.com (Skip Montanaro)
Tue, 23 May 2000 20:40:02 -0500 (CDT)

Regarding "Ajuba", Greg wrote:

    what a dumb name...

The top 10 reasons why "Ajuba" is a great name for the former Scriptics:

   10. An accounting error left waaay too much money in the marketing
       budget.  They felt they had to spend it or risk a budget cut next

    9. It would make a cool name for a dance.  They will now be able to do
       the "Ajuba" at the company's Friday afternoon beer busts.

    8. It's almost palindromic, giving the company's art department all
       sorts of cool nearly symmetric logo possibilities.

    7. It has 7 +/- 2 letters, so when purchasing managers from other
       companies see it flash by in the background of a baseball or
       basketball game on TV they'll be able to remember it.

    6. No programming languages already exist with that name.

    5. It doesn't mean anything bad in any known Indo-European, Asian or
       African language so they won't risk losing market share (what market
       share?) in some obscure third-world country because it means "take a
       flying leap".

    4. It's not already registered in .com, .net, .edu or .org.

    3. No prospective employee will associate the new company name with the
       old, so they'll be able to pull in lots of resumes from people who
       would never have stooped to programming in Tcl for a living.

    2. It's more prounounceable than "Tcl" or "Tcl/Tk" by just about anybody
       who has ever seen English in print.

    1. It doesn't suggest anything, so the company is free to redirect its
       focus any way it wants, including replacing Tcl with Python in future
       versions of its products.