[Python-Dev] Re: Extending locale.py

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 30 May 2000 19:54:32 +0200

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> M.-A. Lemburg <mal@lemburg.com> wrote:
> > BTW, I haven't found any mention of what language and encoding
> > the locale 'C' assumes or defines. Currently, the module
> > reports these as None, meaning undefined. Are language and
> > encoding defined for 'C' ?
> IIRC, the C locale (and the POSIX character set) is defined in terms
> of a "portable character set".  This set contains all ASCII characters,
> but doesn't specify what code points to use.
> But I think it's safe to assume 7-bit US ASCII.  (Is anyone anywhere
> using Python on a non-ASCII platform?  does it even build and run
> on such a beast?)

Hmm, that would mean having an encoding, but no language
definition available -- setlocale() doesn't work without
language code... I guess its better to leave things
undefined in that case.

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