[Python-Dev] Move idle PEPs to status deferred

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@alum.mit.edu
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 17:54:07 -0500 (EST)


We should start working on any PEPs that are going to be considered
for Python 2.1.  There are a bunch of old PEPs that have been
assigned and then ignored.  You have marked many of them as deferred.
We should assign new authors for the PEPs we care about and move all
the other deferred PEPs somewhere else in the index.

The following PEPs have been inactive for at least two months:
 I     2  pep-0002.txt  Procedure for Adding New Modules       Raymond
 S   202  pep-0202.txt  List Comprehensions                    Peters
 SD  205  pep-0205.txt  Weak References                        Drake
 I   206  pep-0206.txt  2.0 Batteries Included                 Zadka
 SD  207  pep-0207.txt  Rich Comparisons                       Ascher
 SD  208  pep-0208.txt  Reworking the Coercion Model           Ascher
 SD  209  pep-0209.txt  Adding Multidimensional Arrays         Ascher
 SD  210  pep-0210.txt  Decoupling the Interpreter Loop        Ascher
 SD  211  pep-0211.txt  Adding New Linear Algebra Operators    Wilson
 SD  212  pep-0212.txt  Loop Counter Iteration                 Schneider-Kamp
 SD  213  pep-0213.txt  Attribute Access Handlers              Prescod
 SD  215  pep-0215.txt  String Interpolation                   Yee
 I   216  pep-0216.txt  Docstring Format                       Zadka
 SD  217  pep-0217.txt  Display Hook for Interactive Use       Zadka
 SD  218  pep-0218.txt  Adding a Built-In Set Object Type      Wilson
 SD  219  pep-0219.txt  Stackless Python                       McMillan
 I   220  pep-0220.txt  Coroutines, Generators, Continuations  McMillan
 S   224  pep-0224.txt  Attribute Docstrings                   Lemburg

I think we should find new authors for PEPs 207 and 208 and work on
them for 2.1.  I imagine David would be happy to pass the torch on
these issues.

I assume Gordon will be working on the stackless PEPs, but we should
confirm this.

For all of the other PEPs, authors who want to have them considered
for 2.1 should provide some updates to their PEPs.

We should also simplfy the PEP index so that deferred PEPs are
collected at the bottom or something like that.