[Python-Dev] statically nested scopes

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@alum.mit.edu
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 11:13:52 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "MAL" == M -A Lemburg <mal@lemburg.com> writes:

  MAL> It may not look serious, but changing the Python lookup scheme
  MAL> is, since many inspection tools rely and reimplement exactly
  MAL> that scheme. With nested scopes, there would be next to no way
  MAL> to emulate the lookups using these tools.

Can you say more about this issue?  It sounds like it is worth
discussing in the PEP, but I can't get a handle on exactly what the
problem is.  Any tool needs to implement or model Python's name
resolution algorithm, call it algorithm A.  If we change name
resolution to use algorithm B, then the tools need to implement or
model a new algorithm.  I don't see where the impossibility of
emulation comes in.