[Python-Dev] Compiler warnings on Solaris

Greg Ward gward@mems-exchange.org
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 18:17:35 -0500

Hi all --

since "-Wall -Wstrict-prototypes" were added to OPT by default, a bunch
of warnings are showing up with GCC on Solaris.  (I haven't seen them on
Linux, so I assume this is OS-specific.)  See PR#121479 for a complete

Is anyone else looking into these?  Some of them are easy to fix,
eg. cast char to int when using 'isalnum()' and friends.  Some of them
are easy but unnecessary -- eg. sham variable initializations to shut up
the "might be used uninitialized" warning.  Others seem to require
#define'ing XOPEN_SOURCE or __EXTENSIONS__, which was a bit
controversial when it was done on Linux... but may be needed on Solaris
too.  I'm not sure yet; I've just started looking at it.  And I have to
run now.

Anyways, if anyone has guidelines/hints/suggestions for the best way to
fix these warnings, I'm all ears.  Also, if there are warnings we're not
going to worry about (eg. incorrect "might be used uninitialized"),
lemme know.

Thanks --