[Python-Dev] Compiler warnings on Solaris

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sat, 4 Nov 2000 02:07:43 -0500

[Greg Ward]
> ...
> Also, if there are warnings we're not going to worry about (eg.
> incorrect "might be used uninitialized"), lemme know.

If a compiler is afraid something might be uninitialized, the code is too
clever for people to be sure it's correct at a glance too.  Note that right
before 2.0 was released, a bogus "uninitalized" msg got repaired, which
turned up a *legitimate* "uninitialized" msg that the bogus msg was covering
up.  The effort needed to fix one of these is too minor to be worth even
considering not fixing.

I'm not sure what gcc is complaining about in many of the cases; others are
quite clear (e.g., "confstr" apparently has no prototype in scope by the
time it's called in posixmodule.c, and that is indeed not good).

unix-should-be-shot-not-that-windows-shouldn't-ly y'rs  - tim