[Python-Dev] Gathering Python 2.1 goals and non-goals

Moshe Zadka py-dev@zadka.site.co.il
Sat, 04 Nov 2000 19:42:48 +0200

> Moshe and Andrew (the impatient youth :-) have asked what's on our
> plate for Python 2.1.

Yeah, sure. They're not making enough fun of my age where I work, <wink>.

> - Integer division.  If we want to play by Paul Prescod's Language
>   Evolution rules (PEP 5), we better get started on the first stage.
>   E.g. we could introduce a // operator in 2.1 for integer division,
>   and issue a warning when / is used for integers.  Then a year later
>   (i.e., March 2002!) we could change / so that it returns a floating
>   point number.

I'm working on that one, and will submit a PEP draft ASAP. 
I do want to know what kind of changes are acceptable: it seems you have
no problem with just patching over the numerical model, while I think
that solving this problem without recreating a host of others needs
total reworking of the numerical model.

> - Case sensitivity???

Writing a PEP for this seems trivial, but I thought the consensus was
that this should be solved by tools, not the language.

> - Whatever you want to work on.  If you have an idea for a PEP that
>   you think should be implemented in Python 2.1, or if you want to
>   revive a PEP that's currently listed in one of the "unattainable"
>   categories, now's the time to make a plea!

I'm not sure I want to work on it, but in the past, we through around
ideas for pluggable nanny architecture. This is related to both
the case-sensitivity discussion above, and we also had lots of FAQ-stopping
nannies. (self-nanny, e.g., was designed to be a FAQ stopper)
Moshe Zadka <sig@zadka.site.co.il>