[Python-Dev] Re: Revamping Python's Numeric Model

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@alum.mit.edu
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 16:14:36 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "FLD" == Fred L Drake, <fdrake@acm.org> writes:

  FLD> Moshe Zadka writes:
  >> Perhaps, but that is part of the PEP flow: public post->number
  >> Well, thanks a lot for the feedback.

  FLD>   Don't hesitate to publish an updated version just because
  FLD>   Barry
  FLD> hasn't assigned a number.  If you don't want to publish the
  FLD> full text too often, assign a number to yourself in the PEP
  FLD> index and check that in, then add the actual PEP with the right
  FLD> number.

I thought we discussed this earlier and agreed that a little bit of
control over the process was healthy.  I would prefer to see all PEP
creation go through Barry.  We can circulate drafts in email before