[Python-Dev] Stackless pages

Gordon McMillan gmcm@hypernet.com
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 21:21:47 -0500

I have put up 6 pages of information about stackless at


The first page attempts to give a conceptual overview of 
stackless. Notice I said "conceptual" - I make no attempt to 
be technically accurate!

Next follow 4 pages of tutorial. Mainly this is a discussion of 
implementing generators and coroutines through the 
continuation module. It includes rewrites of 2 samples that 
Tim used to demonstrate his coroutines-implemented-via-
threads madness.

Finally, the last page is about SelectDispatcher, which is kind 
of Medusa using coroutines. Included as a demonstration is a 
full FTPServer that will run on Windows. This is not just demo 
quality code - it's at the core of a couple commercial apps I'm 
doing for clients, at least one of which will make something of 
a splash in its (large, prosperous) industry. SelectDispatcher 
and friends are released under the McMillan Enterprises 4 line 
license (do what thou wilt; maintain the copyright notice; no 

While these are not the PEPs I owe on stackless, they are 
part of the background material for those PEPs, particularly in 
demonstrating why some of us are so interested in seeing 
these facilities within core Python.

I apologize in advance to Christian for any misunderstandings 
or misinformation these pages may contain.


- Gordon