[Python-Dev] uthread strawman

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 19:20:43 +0200

Gordon McMillan wrote:

[snipped all the good stuff away for bigger brains than mine ]

> [About continuations: while I love the fact that Christian has made
> these available for playing, I have so far not found them productive. I
> wrote a simple minded backtracking parser using them, but found it no
> better than a coroutine based one. But I am interested in how a *real*
> pervert (eg, Tim) feels about it - and no "Gee, that sounds like a *good*
> idea, boss", please.]

Yes, I saw Gordon making heavy use of naked continuations,
but actually they were not really what he needed. I believe
this since he made much use of co.update(), which moves
a continaution to the most current state of the frame.

In fact, what Gordon would need (and most probably most of
us as well) is just the handle to a frame, and the ability
to switch to it. In Gordon's case, these would probably
be "continuation" which are not frozen, but simply track
the frame as it is. I'm not absolutely shure, but quite.

I'm happy to toss continuations for core Python, if we
can find the right building blocks for coro/gen/uthreads.
I think Guido comes quite near this, already.

ciao - chris

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