[Python-Dev] Starship, Python.org, etc.

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 18:59:57 +0200


"M.-A. Lemburg" wrote:

[justified complaints about Starship]

I'd like to apologize for this mess, but I'd be happier
if I were guilty. Instead, I'm unable to do anything.
Since the Starship has begun to move
again, it got out of my control. I still don't have root
access to the new machine via ssh. This might be by chance,
at least I hope so!
This situation is absolutely what I do not want.
If things don't improve quickly, I might consider
to move the domain to a better server. Moving to
BeOpen should have been a good thing. Finally it
wasn't, but nobody could predict this. Then Starship
went into some Zombie state and was unaccessible
when the DC site was built. Meanwhile the old ship
re-appeared under a different IP, and Jim Tittsler
offered to do a transfer of the current data, but he
also seems to have no super user for the new site.

BTW, you might have ssh access via port 10022, at least
for me this works just fine:

ssh -v -l pirx -p 10022 starship.python.net

Marc, you are the first Starship user! If you leave,
I consider the project dead. Please don't.

cheers - chris

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