[Python-Dev] site.py, .pth files and unix-dependencies

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 23:27:14 +0100

In the course of getting distutils to behave on the Mac I came across
.pth files for the first time (all packages I ever tried until now
used the __init__.py method of advertising themselves) and it turns
out they don't work on the Mac.

There's some funny code in site.py that triggers on "os.sep ==
'/'". I've added an "elif os.sep == ':'" for the mac-specific location 
where site-python is (sys.prefix + :lib:site-python), but checking for 
os.sep in stead of simply checking that sys.platform==posix makes me
wonder whether something infinitely more deep than my understanding
allows me to grasp is going on.

Can someone enlighten me? Is my fix okay and should I check it in?
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