[Python-Dev] Too much silence

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 20:21:15 -0500

[Neil Schemenauer]
> My patch _is_ up to date.  My original message also included a
> brief description of what the patch does.  For more details look
> at the URL to Marc's page that I provided.  There is also PEP 208
> (which should probably be updated).

Yes; PEP 208 should be self-contained.

> Marc and Moshe: who is currently championing PEP 207 and 208?
> Barry or Jeremy: the formatting of 208 on sourceforge seems to be
> screwy.  Part of the extended print PEP seems to be included.

PEP 208 is in a severely broken state.  This is the full content of

PEP: 208
Title: Reworking the Coercion Model
Version: $Revision: 1.1 $
Owner: davida@activestate.com (David Ascher)
Python-Version: 2.1
Status: Incomplete

Local Variables:
mode: indented-text
indent-tabs-mode: nil

No change has been checked in since this original skeleton was added in the
middle of July.  So I guess somebody has been uploading damaged HTML for 208
without going thru CVS and the HTML generation process.  Nothing Barry or
Jeremy can do about that:  somebody has to update the .txt file.

> I'll increase the traffic on this list yet. :)

Guido will eventually chime in on the coercions patch, but is on vacation
until next Monday (however, AFAIK, he didn't release anything first <wink>).
I'll chime in too, but am almost in the same boat.

here-yet-absent-ly y'rs  - tim