[Python-Dev] PEP Process Inefficient?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 10:56:23 +0100

Moshe Zadka wrote:
> The PEP process, while *miles* better then anything I've seen in any
> other development process I've ever seen, has some deficiencies.
> I'll try to point them out, and to suggest some partial solution:
> 1. Users are not sure who to post PEP questions/remarks to: Python dev?
>    the original author? The Python devver they know best?

Perhaps the PEP should specify this by e.g. using a header
Comments-To: email-address

The email address could then be made "usable" on the PEP web pages.

> 2. It is the responsiblity of the PEP author to add open questions/pertinent
>    remarks to the PEP.
> 3. Mail about the PEP which contains important discussion is lost.

The original idea was for PEP authors to include the important
parts of those discussions in summary in the PEP -- AFAIK, this
is not done :-(
> Proposal: (still some shaky areas though):
> Why not use Squishdot for PEPs? The PEP would be the "article", and
> remarks could be comments. I think (but I'm not sure) Squishdot
> has the ability to edit/moderate comments, and retroactively change the
> article. If not, then my second best hope is some kind of Wiki system,
> with self imposed article/comments-like structure.
> Immediate problem I'm trying to solve: PEP 228, the numeric model PEP,
> has inspired a lot of discussion, and very interesting comments. However
> for someone who doesn't remember all the e-mails by heart, wading through
> the archives is much too time consuming. In addition, personal mail sent to
> me is not available for public discussion.
> Problems with proposed solution: no e-mail notification. I think Zwiki
> does have an option for e-mail notification, though. Don't know about
> Squishdot.

Hmm, wouldn't something like the SF bug manager be the ideal
platform ? Perhaps someone could get the SF guys to add something
like an "idea" manager with similar functionality but different
content to SF ?!

In the meantime, I think PEP discussions ought to taken to the
sig mailing lists using python-dev as fallback solution.

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