Methods vs. Functions (Re: [Python-Dev] A house upon the sand)

Guido van Rossum
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 20:22:07 -0500

> How about an operator, then?
> We already have % rather than a string.format or some such.
> Presumably this is because Guido thought it was such a handy
> thing that it should be instantly available at our fingertips.
> I think a similar argument could be made for string.join, and
> also its inverse string.split.
> So, how about:
>    x & s   == string.join(x, s)
>    s1 | s2 == string.split(s1, s2)

I don't see the mnemonic.  (For %, the mnemonic is clear: %s, %d etc.)

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