[Python-Dev] Python track--O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Guido van Rossum guido@python.org
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:09:03 -0500

Laura Lewin is looking for chairs for two Python tracks (or a Python
track and a Zope track) at the O'Reilly conference.  Anybody
interested in volunteering?  Some background info:

> We actually have two tracks, and there's room for strong differentiation 
> between the two.  Each track has a room for two days. We'll also want 
> tutorials on the Monday and Tuesday.
> Like O'Reilly's books, we're not really aimed at the novice. We want to 
> give people who already use the technology more information. There should 
> be at least one introductory tutorial, but we don't want to focus 
> exclusively on that. However, if you, as Chair, have a vision for what you 
> want O'Reilly's conference to be, we'd be very happy to work with you to 
> realize that vision.
> This year we're trying to raise the bar on our Python and Zope offerings. 
> We'd like to have a lot of editorial involvement from a program committee, 
> so that potential speakers have a chance to get their talks reviewed and 
> commented-upon by others.
> The program chair would really be the point person for the conference, to 
> drum up papers and help publicize the conference to the Python community. 
> The chair would appoint a committee, receive submissions, select 
> presentations, seek out talks from people who
> didn't submit, and generally put together the material.
> We can handle any combination of program committees and chairs: one person 
> overseeing two committees, two chairs two committees, whatever gets it all 
> done.
> Does this sound like a job you're interested in? It doesn't pay, but it 
> would be great for the Python community, as I'm sure you know.

For more info, please write or call Laura Lewin LLewin@oreilly.com
(631) 262-9278.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)