[Python-Dev] pep42 procedure?

Mark Hammond MarkH@ActiveState.com
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 09:58:14 +1100

Please excuse my ignorance...

I am in the process of applying the patch to prevent 1.5/1.6 extensions
crashing 2.0 under Windows.

Based on the feedback here (ie, "this should be a short term patch"), the
various other patches that try to do the same thing, and the belief by some
that we should be more like Unix anyway, I believe we should try and
capture this entire issue in a more formal manner.

The 2 logical places would be as a bug, and in pep42.  However, after
applying this patch, it doesnt really qualify as a bug!  Putting it in
pep42 is slightly suspect, as it is not a thought-out feature request yet -
however, I believe capturing it there, with links to the relevant patches
and discussions would be valuable.

So, assuming this sounds reasonable - a bug, or pep42?  If pep42, what is
the procedure for changing it?  I couldnt find it (or any pep) in the CVS
repository, and the source-force pages would show me the peps, but not
their source.  I do remember seeing this mentioned some time ago, but can't
locate that mail either...