[Python-Dev] Release candidate followed by feature freeze?

Neil Schemenauer nas@arctrix.com
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 14:43:50 -0700

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 09:36:03PM -0500, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> Hooft's problem makes heavy use of Tkinter and Pmw, it seems.  Maybe
> that's a clue?

Rob was kind enough to send me some code to trigger the bug.  The
winner is ... tupleobject.c!  When MAXSAVESIZE is zero Rob's
program seems to work fine.  I think Pmw uses lots of tuples.

Looking closely at the code I see that _PyTuple_Resize is almost
certainly buggy.  I think something is wrong with PyTuple_New as
well.  I'll have to come up with a patch later as it is much to
late now for me to fully understand such hairy code. :(