[Python-Dev] Stackless Python Mailing List

Christian Tismer tismer@appliedbiometrics.com
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 17:33:54 +0300

Hi Pythoneers (without or not without Stack (yet:))

there have been a couple of interviews, and some
articles on Stackless Python are published or in
preparation. I recognize an increasing number
of individual emails concerning Stackless Python.

This lets me take the opportunity to start a mailing
list on Stackless Python, an overdue task.

The goal of this list is two-fold:
On the one hand, people should have a forum to
discuss their use of SLP, its further development,
concurrency in general, and more.
The other reason is to increase the support for SLP,
with the final goal to get it merged into Standard Python.
There are a couple of ways to help me with that, see

Everybody who is interested in Stackless Python and
all the related topics may feel invited to join this
discussion group.

cheers - chris

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