[Python-Dev] Gradual migration

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 03:10:36 -0400

> ...
> I think will simply be a consequence of doing a complete rewrite
> of the interpreter for Py3K.

Not just to be my usual self <wink>, but I do see a from-scratch rewrite as
being less likely as the years go by.  There's nothing I know of in Guido's
plans that can't be done incrementally instead -- and if he doesn't either,
selling a total- rewrite project to an employer is probably impossible.

The most successful projects I've seen and been on *did* rewrite all the
code routinely, but one subsystem at a time.  This happens when you're
tempted to add a hack, realize it wouldn't be needed if an entire area were
reworked, and mgmt is bright enough to realize that hacks compound in fatal
ways over time.  The "ain't broke, don't fix" philosophy is a good guide
here, provided you've got a very low threshold for insisting "it's broke"
<0.4 wink>.

    *do*-the-whole-thing-differently-that-works-in-c-too-ly y'rs  - tim