[Python-Dev] What to choose to replace Tkinter?

James C. Ahlstrom jim@interet.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 06:47:05 -0400

Guido van Rossum wrote:

> > 2. (Lack of) native look and feel.  This is a complete show-stopper for
> >    many of the outfits I've dealt with (and not just with Python).
> Really?  Are you sure that's not just general resistence against new
> things?  To me, and I suspect may others, the app I use most often on
> Windows is Netscape -- talk about lack of native look-and-feel!  It's
> never bothered me all that much.

In the past I have resolutely demanded native Windows look
and feel in my apps.  In fact, I have been tiresome on the topic.

Now I am changing my mind.  Lots of prominent Windows apps now
depart from Microsoft LAF, and I have the impression that users
are getting used to it.  I still think the usual File menu
items and file open/save dialogs should be standard, but I
am less concerned about other controls.  For a look
at how to really do controls, check out software for
kids.  Just my 1.e-2$.