GUI-Discussion; MacOS vs. MacOS X (was Re: [Python-Dev] Miscellaneous comments on Tkinter and related...)

Peter Funk
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 19:02:45 +0200 (MEST)


Charles G Waldman:
>  > 2.  I agree that MacOS is the thorny problem for
>  >     the standard Pysolution. 
> What is the impact of the fact that MacOS X will run X?  Doesn't this
> open the door to a lot of new possibilities, at least if we don't need
> to support Mac OS[6-9].  Or is the installed base of MacOS[6-9] just
> way too big to even think about dropping (or deprecating) support for
> it?

It will take years, before MacOS X will find its way onto the desk
of the average Apple Mac user.  The Mac s mostly used in the graphics 
and printing industry (our cutsomers) where people normally don't 
even think about a OS upgrade, if they don't have to.  They usually
run a mix of Photoshop, Quark XPRess, Artwork, illustrator or other 
so called creative software on the version of the OS they had on 
the machine when they bought it.  THese machines are usually used
through a period of at least four years.

So MacOS X might simplify things for software vendors from 2004 on 
and later.

Regards, Peter