[Python-Dev] Starship is still down...

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 06:43:22 -0400

> It's been over a week since I posted my last gripe about
> our community server starship being unreachable.

Afraid Manus Head still gets the Most Outraged award for this one.

> Nothing has happened so far... is there any chance on getting the server
> up and running again ?

Works for me, but only very recently.  OTOH, my posts to python.org mailing
lists started black-holing, so it's not like Python-Dev will actually see
this post <wink>.  Here's a trace from my box (in Virginia); it may take a
while for recent routing changes to propagate:

  1   tnt32.tco2.da.uu.net []
  2   GigabitEthernet4-0.DR4.TCO2.Alter.Net []
  3   156.at-3-0-0.HR4.DCA1.ALTER.NET []
  4   517.ATM1-0.XR2.DCA1.ALTER.NET []
  5   294.at-7-1-0.XR2.DCA8.ALTER.NET []
  6   POS7-0.BR4.DCA8.ALTER.NET []
  8   beth1br2-ge-1-0-0-0.md.us.prserv.net []
  9   sfra1br1-so-2-1-0-0.ca.us.prserv.net []
 10   sfra1sr3-ge-0-3-0-0.ca.us.prserv.net []
 11   pacbellpsfoc3.ca.us.prserv.net []
 12   core3-g2-0.snfc21.pbi.net []
 13   rback26-fe2-0.snfc21.pbi.net []
 14   adsl-63-202-160-65.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net []
 15   starship.python.net []

> I am a bit concerned about the lack of support here: starship
> should be considered a very important part in the Python
> universe (after all, many Python extension packages and goodies
> are available from that site). With the frequent downtimes
> we recently had, I think people will get a wrong picture about
> the Python community support.

They're getting an accurate view of current Starship support.  So it goes.
Plans for better support *are* in progress, but for reasons that won't
become clear until later, you haven't heard anything about them yet.

for-that-matter-i'm-not-entirely-sure-i-have-either-ly y'rs  - tim