[Python-Dev] Namespace collision between lib/xml and site-pac kages/xml

Favas, Mark (EM, Floreat) Mark.Favas@per.dem.csiro.au
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:31:57 +0800

Guido wrote:
>I remember our group discussion about this.  What's currently
>implemented is what we decided there, based upon (Fred's
>representation of) what the XML-sig wanted.  So you don't like this
>either, right?

Hey - not so. I saw the original problem, asked about it, was told it would
be discussed, heard nothing of the results of the disccussion, saw that I
still had the same problem close to the release of 2.0b1, thought maybe it
had slipped through the cracks, and asked again in an effort to help. I
apologise if it came across in any other way.

>I believe there are two conflicting desires here: (1) the standard XML
>package by the core should be named simply "xml"; (2) you want the old
>XML-sig code (which lives in a package named "xml" but installed in
>site-packages) to override the core xml package.

I'm happy with (1) being the standard XML package - I thought from Fred's
original post that there might be some way of having both work together. 

>I don't think that's possible -- at least not without a hack that's
>too ugly to accept.

Glad to have this clarified.

>You might be able to get the old XML-sig code to override the core xml
>package by creating a symlink named _xmlplus to it in site-packages

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll try it. Since my code has to run on Windows
as well, probably the best thing I can do is bundle up the xml-sig stuff in
my distribution, call it something else, and get around it all that way.