[Python-Dev] Prerelease Python fun on Windows!

Thomas Wouters thomas@xs4all.net
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 16:34:52 +0200

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 07:34:46AM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:

> + I'm running a Win98SE laptop.  The install works great for me.  How
>   about NT?  2000?  95?  ME?  Win64 <shudder>?

It runs fine under Win98 (FE) on my laptop.

> + Try
>     python lib/test/regrtest.py

No strange failures.

> + Get into a DOS-box Python, and try
>       import Tkinter
>       Tkinter._test()
>   This installation of Python should not interfere with, or be damaged
>   by, any other installation of Tcl/Tk you happen to have lying around.
>   This is also the first time we're using Tcl/Tk 8.3.2, and that needs
>   wider testing too.

Correctly uses 8.3.2, and not the 8.1 (or so) that came with Python 1.5.2

> + If the Tkinter test worked, try IDLE!
>   Start -> Programs -> Python20 -> IDLE.

Works, too. I had a funny experience, though. I tried to quit the
interpreter, which I'd started from a DOS box, using ^Z. And it didn't exit.
And then I started IDLE, and IDLE started up, the menus worked, I could open
a new window, but I couldn't type anything. And then I had a bluescreen. But
after the reboot, everything worked fine, even doing the exact same things.

Could just be windows crashing on me, it does that often enough, even on
freshly installed machines. Something about bad karma or something ;)

> + There is no time limit on this installation.  But if you use it for
>   more than 30 days, you're going to have to ask us to pay you <wink>.

> windows!-it's-not-just-for-breakfast-anymore-ly y'rs  - tim

"Hmmm... I think I'll call you lunch."

(Well, Windows may not be green, but it's definately not ripe yet! Not for
me, anyway :)

Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>

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