[Python-Dev] DEBUG_SAVEALL feature for gc not in 2.0b1?

Martin von Loewis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 19:02:58 +0200 (MET DST)

> Does this look okay?  Should I try to get it done for 2.0?

I don't see the need for improvement. I consider it a fairly low-level
API, so having bit masks is fine: users dealing with this settings
should know what a bit mask is.

As for the naming of the specific flags: So far, all of them are for
debugging, as would be the proposed DEBUG_SAVEALL. You also have
set/get_threshold, which clearly controls a different kind of setting.

Unless you come up with ten or so additional settings that *must* be
there, I don't see the need for generalizing the API. Why is

  gc.set_option(gc.THRESHOLD, 1000, 100, 10)

so much better than

  gc.set_threshold(1000, 100, 10)


Even if you find the need for a better API, it should be possible to
support the current one for a couple more years, no?