[Python-Dev] stack check on Unix, etc

Charles G Waldman cgw@alum.mit.edu
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 11:02:09 -0500 (CDT)

Skip Montanaro write:

> When I configure --without-threads, the script runs much longer,
> making it past 18068.  It conks out in the same spot, however,
> trying to print 18069.

I am utterly unable to reproduce this.  With "ulimit -s unlimited" and
a no-threads version of Python, "find_recursionlimit" ran overnight on
my system and got up to a recursion depth of 98,400 before I killed it
off.  It was using 74MB of stack space at this point, and my system
was running *really* slow (probably because my pathetic little home
system only has 64MB of physical memory!).

Are you absolutely sure that when you built your non-threaded Python
you did a thorough housecleaning, eg. "make clobber"?  Sometimes I get
paranoid and type "make distclean", just to be sure - but this
shouldn't be necessary, right?

Can you give me more info about your system?  I'm at kernel 2.2.16,
gcc 2.95.2 and glibc-2.1.3.  How about you?

I've got to know what's going on here, because your experimental
results don't conform to my theory, and I'd rather change your results
than have to change my theory <wink>

     quizzically yr's,