[Python-Dev] Even more prerelease Python fun on Windows!

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 23:11:09 -0400

[Fredrik Lundh]
> just fyi, Tkinter seems to be extremely unstable on Win95 and
> Win98FE (when shut down, the python process grabs the key-
> board and hangs.  the only way to kill the process is to reboot)
> the same version of Tk (wish) works just fine...

So what can we do about this?  I'm wary about two things:

1. Thomas reported one instance of Win98FE rot, of a kind that simply
   plagues Windows for any number of reasons.  He wasn't able to
   reproduce it.  So while I've noted his report, I'm giving it little
   weight so far.

2. I never use Tkinter, except indirectly for IDLE.  I've been in and
   out of 2b1 IDLE on Win98SE all day and haven't seen a hint of trouble.

   But you're a Tkinter power user of the highest order.  So one thing
   I'm wary of is that you may have magical Tcl/Tk envars (or God only
   knows what else) set up to deal with the multiple copies of Tcl/Tk
   I'm betting you have on your machine.  In fact, I *know* you have
   multiple Tcl/Tks sitting around because of your wish comment:
   the Python installer no longer installs wish, so you got that from
   somewhere else.  Are you positive you're not mixing versions
   somehow?  If anyone could mix them in a way we can't stop, it's
   you <wink>.

If anyone else is having Tkinter problems, they haven't reported them.
Although I doubt few have tried it!

In the absence of more helpers, can you pass on a specific (small if
possible) program that exhibits the "hang" problem?  And by "extremely
unstable", do you mean that there are many strange problems, or is the "hang
on exit" problem the only one?

Thanks in advance!

beleagueredly y'rs  - tim