[Python-Dev] Re: timeouts (Was: checking an ip)

Peter Schneider-Kamp peter@schneider-kamp.de
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 15:07:19 +0200

I have proposed the inclusion of Timothy O'Malley's timeoutsocket.py
into the standard socket module on python-dev, but there has not been
a single reply in four weeks.


I think there are four possibilities:
1) add a timeoutsocket class to Lib/timeoutsocket.py
2) add a timeoutsocket class to Lib/socket.py
3) replace the socket class in Lib/socket.py
4) wait until the interval is down to one day

feedback-hungri-ly y'rs

Ulf Engstrøm schrieb:
> I'm thinking this is something that should be put in the distro, since it
> seems a lot of people are asking for it all the time. I'm using select, but
> it'd be even better to have a proper timeout on all the socket stuff. Not to
> mention timeout on input and raw_input. (using select on those are platform
> dependant). Anyone has a solution to that?
> Are there any plans to put in timeouts? Can there be? :)
> Regards
> Ulf
> > sigh...
> > and to be more precise, look at yesterday's post labelled
> > nntplib timeout bug?
> > interval between posts asking about timeout for sockets is already
> > down to 2 days.. great :-)
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