[Python-Dev] See you later, folks!

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov@inrialpes.fr
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 16:34:24 -0500

[Vladimir asked me to post this due to python-dev mailing lists, and
to subsequently turn off his subscriptions.  Come back soon, Vladimir!

The time has come for me to leave you for some time. But rest assured,
not for the reasons you suspect <wink>. I'm in the process of changing
jobs & country. Big changes, that is.

So indeed, I'll unsubscribe from the python-dev list for a while and
indeed, I won't look at the bug list because I won't be able to, not
because I don't want to. (I won't be able to handle more patches for
that matter, sorry!)

Regarding the latest debate about extended print, things are surely
not so extreme as they sounded to Fredrik! So take it easy. I still
can sign with both hands what I've said, though, although you must
know that whenever I engage in the second round of a debate, I have
reasons to do so and my writing style becomes more pathetic, indeed.
But remember that python-dev is a place where educated opinions are being
confronted. The "bug" I referred to is that Guido, as the principal
proponent of a feature has not entered the second round of this debate
to defend it, despite the challenge I have formulated and subsequently
argued (I understand that he might have felt strange after reading my
posts). I apologize for my style if you feel that I should. I would
quit python-dev in the sense that if there are no more debates, I am
little to no interested in participating. That's what happens when,
for instance, Guido exercises his power prematurely which is not a
good thing, overall.

In short, I suddenly felt like I had to clarify this situation, secretly
knowing that Guido & Tim and everybody else (except Fredrik, but I
forgive him <wink>) understands the many points I've raised. This
debate would be my latest "contribution" for some time.

Last but not least, I must say that I deeply respect Guido & Tim and
everybody else (including Fredrik <wink>) for their knowledge and
positive attitude!  (Tim, I respect your fat ass too <wink> -- he does
a wonderful job on c.l.py!)

See you later!

truly-None-forbidding'ly y'rs
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