[Python-Dev] Python 1.5.2 modules need porting to 2.0 because of unicode - comments please

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:38:01 +0200

mal wrote:

> > So in essence, I suggest that the Unicode object does not implement
> > the buffer interface. If that has any undesirable consequences (which
> > ones?), I suggest that 'binary write' operations (sockets, files)
> > explicitly check for Unicode objects, and either reject them, or
> > invoke the system encoding (i.e. ASCII).
> It's too late for any generic changes in the Unicode area.

it's not too late to fix bugs.

> The right thing to do is to make the *tools* Unicode aware, since
> you can't really expect the Unicode-string integration mechanism 
> to fiddle things right in every possible case out there.

no, but people may expect Python to raise an exception instead
of doing something that is not only non-portable, but also clearly
wrong in most real-life cases.