[Python-Dev] last second patches (was: regarding the Python Developer posting...)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 19:46:21 +0200

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> oops.  mailer problem; here's the rest of the mail:
> > I have a 500k "negative patch" sitting on my machine which removes
> > most of unicodectype.c, replacing it with a small data table (based on
> > the same unidb work as yesterdays unicodedatabase patch).
> (this shaves another another 400-500k off the source distribution,
> and 10-20k in the binaries...)
> I've verified that all ctype-related methods eturn the same result
> as before the patch, for all characters in the unicode set (see the
> attached script).
> should I check it in?

Any chance of taking a look at it first ? (BTW, what happened to the
usual post to SF, review, then checkin cycle ?)

The C type checks are a little performance sensitive since they
are used on a char by char basis in the C implementation of
.upper(), etc. -- do the new methods give the same performance ?

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