[Python-Dev] Python 2.0 beta 2 pre-release

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:56:33 -0400

[Fredrik Lundh]
> ...
> just one weird thing:
> according to dir, I have 41 megs on my C: disk before
> running the installer...
> according to the installer, I have 22.3 megs,

This is the Wise "Check free disk space" "Script item".  Now you know as
much about it as I do <wink>.

> but Python only requires 18.3 megs, so it should be okay...

Noting that 22.3 + 18.3 ~= 41.  So it sounds like Wise's "Disk space
remaining" is trying to tell you how much space you'll have left *after* the
install.  Indeed, if you try unchecking various items in the "Select
Components" dialog, you should see that the "Disk space remaining" changes

> but a little later, the installer claims that it needs an
> additional 21.8 megs free space...  if I click ignore, the
> installer proceeds (but boy, is it slow or what? ;-)

Win95?  Which version?  The installer runs very quickly for me (Win98).
I've never tried it without plenty of free disk space, though; maybe it
needs temp space for unpacking?  Dunno.

> after installation (but before reboot) (reboot!?), I have
> 19.5 megs free.

It's unclear here whether the installer did or did not *say* it wanted you
to reboot.  It should ask for a reboot if and only if it needs to update an
MS shared DLL (the installer ships with MSVCRT.DLL and MSCVICRT.DLL).

> hmm...
> after uninstalling, I have 40.7 megs free.  there's still
> some crud in the Python20\Tools\idle directory.

Like what?  .pyc files, perhaps?  Like most uninstallers, it will not delete
files it didn't install, so all .pyc files (or anything else) generated
after the install won't be touched.

> after removing that stuff, I have 40.8 megs free.
> close enough ;-)
> on a second run, it claims that I have 21.3 megs free, and
> that the installer needs another 22.8 megs to complete in-
> stallation.


> without rebooting, IDLE refuses to start, but the console
> window works fine...

If it told you to reboot and you didn't, I don't really care what happens if
you ignore the instructions <wink>.  Does IDLE start after you reboot?

thanks-for-the-pain!-ly y'rs  - tim