[Python-Dev] Python 2.0 beta 2 pre-release

Victor the Cleaner tommy@ilm.com
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 14:51:23 -0700 (PDT)

Tim Peters writes:
| [Victor the Cleaner]
| > Sorry, this wasn't intended to be bug report (not yet, at least).
| > Jeremy asked for feedback on the release, and that's all I was trying
| > to give.
| Tommy B, is that you, hiding behind a Victor mask?  Cool!  I was really
| directing my rancor at Jeremy <wink>:  by the time he fwd'ed the msg here,
| it was already too late to change the release, so it had already switched
| from "feedback" to "bug".

Yup, it's me.  I've been leary of posting from my work address for a
long time, but Ping seemed to be getting away with it so I figured
"what the hell" ;)

| Do you see the pattern?  Ha!  I did!  They both end with "e", and in my
| fuzzy-headed state I immediately latched on to that and thought "hmm ... 'e'
| is for 'endian'".  Else I wouldn't have had a clue!

I thought maybe 'e' was for 'eeeeeew' when you realized this was IRIX ;)

| should-get-sick-more-often-i-guess-ly y'rs  - tim

Or just stay sick.  That's what I do...