[Python-Dev] FW: regarding the Python Developer posting...

Dan Wolfe dkwolfe@pacbell.net
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:08:52 -0700

>> [Seg faults in test_sre.py while testing limits]
>you could try adding a Mac OS clause to the recursion limit stuff
>in Modules/_sre.c:
>#if !defined(USE_STACKCHECK)
>#if defined(...whatever's needed to detect Max OS X...)
>#elif defined(MS_WIN64) || defined(__LP64__) || defined(_LP64)
>/* require smaller recursion limit for a number of 64-bit platforms:
>   Win64 (MS_WIN64), Linux64 (__LP64__), Monterey (64-bit AIX) (_LP64) */
>/* FIXME: maybe the limit should be 40000 / sizeof(void*) ? */
>#define USE_RECURSION_LIMIT 10000
>replace "...whatever...", and try larger values than 5000 (or smaller,
>if necessary.  10000 is clearly too large for your platform).
>(alternatively, you can increase the stack size.  maybe it's very small
>by default?)

Hi /F,

I spotted the USE_STACKCHECK, got curious, and went hunting for it... of 
course curiousity kills the cat... it's time to got to work now.... 
meaning that the large number of replies, counter-replies, code and 
follow up that I'm going to need to wade thru is going to have to wait.

Why you ask, well when you strip Mac OS X down to the core... it's unix 
based and therefore has the getrusage command... which means that I need 
to take a look at some of the patches - 

In the Public Beta the stack size is currently set to 512K by default... 
which is usually enough for most processes... but not sre...

I-should-have-stayed-up-all-night'ly yours,

- Dan