[Python-Dev] Re: cgitb.py for Python 2.2

Gordon McMillan gmcm@hypernet.com
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 09:11:36 -0400

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:

> > Why not add this to cgi.py instead?
> Because that would seem to defeat most of the point.


> Wouldn't you say there are more Python CGI programmers out there
> than, say, Zope developers?  Or think of it like this: what
> fraction of Web developers are CGI programmers, and what fraction
> of those use Python?
> Maybe i'm wrong?  I welcome more opinions from others -- how do
> you see people coming to Python?  What's the first "real" thing
> they do with Python that motivates them to try it?

Web stuff is certainly a major doorway. Not sure about cgi.py 

Web stuff accounts for (very, very roughly) 20% of what I do. I 
have never used cgi.py. In fact, the only web related module in 
the std lib I use regularly is urllib (mostly for the quote stuff). 
So neither site.py nor cgi.py would do me any good. (In fact, 
cgitb.py wouldn't either, since my source is not on the server 
and sys.std* have nothing to do with requests/responses).

Judging by the list at
I don't think I'm all that unusual in this regard.

(BTW, line 133 should be
filename = tempfile.mktemp('.html')

- Gordon