[Python-Dev] test_quopri is iso-latin-1 centric

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:38:57 +0200

> This is the problem. Python source code is not in Latin-1; bytes
> inside strings and comments are "as-is". So the CVS "binary" mode
> would come closer as to how python files should be treated, although
> you'd still would want to convert line-endings.

Is this an "official" policy? As such I disagree with it. Either all Python 
source should be 7-bit clean or the source should be converted to the local 
convention, even for strings and comments. But if it is an official policy I'd 
like to hear it (who wants to channel Guido here?), because there's heaps of 
MacPython stuff that'll have to be converted back (I did the forward 
conversion a couple of months ago).

As a point-in-case for local convention, you wouldn't want to be know as 
Martin von Lupsidedownquestionmarkwis by the chinese MacPython community or 
the Polish PythonWin users, would you?
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