[Python-Dev] test_quopri is iso-latin-1 centric

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:51:43 -0400

[Martin von Lupsidedownquestionmarkwis]
> This is the problem. Python source code is not in Latin-1; bytes;
> inside strings and comments are "as-is".

The latter is a platform-dependent accident -- the ref man says Python
source is 7-bit ASCII, and that was the intent.  That C's ctype functions
later grew locale-dependent behavior accounts for why Python did too, but
even according to the C standard you can't count on transporting C text-mode
files across platforms unless they avoid that stuff.

> So the CVS "binary" mode would come closer as to how python files
> should be treated, although you'd still would want to convert line-
> endings.

> Is this an "official" policy?

My policy is that Python source in the *distribution* adheres to the
restrictions of the C std for C text-mode files, until such time as Python
changes to read and write them in C binary mode, or stops using C stdio
altogether.  And that's as official as I am <wink>.

> As such I disagree with it. Either all Python source should be 7-bit
> clean or the source should be converted to the local convention, even
> for strings and comments. But if it is an official policy I'd
> like to hear it (who wants to channel Guido here?), because
> there's heaps of MacPython stuff that'll have to be converted back
> (I did the forward conversion a couple of months ago).

Sorry, I don't know what "forward" and "back" mean to you.