[guido@zope.com: Re: [Python-Dev] Re: WebDAV in python 2.2?]

Guido van Rossum guido@zope.com
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 22:19:57 -0400

> Quite doable, but we don't really have a DAV server that davlib.py could hit
> via localhost. I'm sure somebody could jury-rig a simple responder, though.
> Avoiding the bailing-wire-and-glue bit was the reason for suggesting
> test.webdav.org.

But we don't control how test.webdav.org will respond two (or ten)
years from now.  Plus there are firewalls, you don't want your modem
to start dialing, etc., etc.

> Hmm. Some kind of subclass of BaseHTTPServer or something could probably
> just send back canned responses.

Exactly.  That's how SocketServer tests itself these days.

> Note that even httplib.py doesn't attempt a localhost connection for
> testing.

The test in the test suite doesn't use the network at all.  The test
in the module is not used, exactly for this reason: it relies on
accessibility of external resources.

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