[Python-Dev] Using patch mgr for peer review - sensible or chicken?

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 00:07:10 +0200

whenever I make a change to something essential, and something that
I'm not sure I understand for the full 100%, I tend to not check the
mods in directly but in stead put a patch into the patch manager. This
has happened recently with a setup.py and a configure.in patch, for
instance. My idea was that whoever felt responsible for the file in
question would see the patch email come by, have a look, and say "fine".

But whereas some patches get looked at quickly some can sit there for
days (or in some cases even months). This is a nuisance to me, as by
the time someone looks at the patch my development version of the file
has evolved again. Moreover, I get the impression that I'm the only
person with checkin permissions that does this, and that the rest of
the developer community just checks stuff in and counts on it being
(a) correct or (b) quickly fixed by someone else.

Am I too chicken and should I just check things in if I'm reasonably
convinced that they're okay?
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