[Python-Dev] Common runtime sociology

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 23:08:56 -0400

[Paul Prescod]
> It is my gut feeling that the only way to get to a common runtime (if it
> is possible at all) is to take the development out of the hands of any
> language group and put it in a trusted third party's hands.

Na.  There are two ways it can happen:

1. A well-funded project with this as one of its primary goals.

2. Any sort of project, funded or not, whose lead(s) is(are) obsessed
   with making it happen.

#1 may be close to MS .NET's approach, proving in part that the "common" in
"common runtime" is still a matter of manipulable definition <wink>.  Put in
many hands, it's the Industry Consortia model, famous for producing large
publicity/result ratios.

If it's just an afterthought, or a "nice to have", or even a "it's one of
the last things we'll give up -- but, ya, in the end it's expendable", it
really has slim chance of surviving the difficulties.

#2 is the best shot.  Alas, few people can *decide* to become an insane
visionary and make it stick <wink>.

craziness-is-a-gift-from-the-gods-ly y'rs  - tim