[Python-Dev] Parrot -- should life imitate satire?

Paul Prescod paulp@ActiveState.com
Sun, 12 Aug 2001 16:41:51 -0700

Dan Sugalski wrote:
> Nah, a name change would certainly be in order--we'd have to call it the
> ParrotIO system. :) Making the core bits modular is one of the goals, for
> no other reason than to make it easy to have someone responsible for its
> maintenance and development that doesn't need to be intimately familiar
> with the rest of the interpreter system. And so it'll still function
> properly when we compile down to native code and don't actually *have* an
> interpreter handy.

Would it make sense to poll both communities for people interested in
helping with this effort and maybe making it a standalone project
(perhaps on SourceForge?)? 

In fact, there are many bits of the C library that Python people would
like to replace or improve but we don't have the resources alone. Maybe
if all of the scripting language groups got together we would be able to
do it. I'm not talking about the larger project of sharing bytecodes and
so forth, but I could see that we probably have very similar needs with
respect to files, memory allocation, networking, event loops, process
handling and maybe threads. And the other scripting languages are
probably not too far off either.
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