[Python-Dev] Python 2.2 Release Schedule

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 13:03:45 -0400

Here is PEP 251, the Python 2.2 release schedule, revised after our
Pythonlabs meeting of yesterday.  Please note the following

- Final release is now scheduled for 19-Dec-2001

- We plan the second 2.2 alpha for 22-Aug-2001

- We plan to release a third alpha.

As always, the PEP is available online at



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PEP: 251
Title: Python 2.2 Release Schedule
Version: $Revision: 1.4 $
Author: guido@python.org (Guido van Rossum), barry@zope.com (Barry A. Warsaw)
Status: Incomplete
Type: Informational
Created: 17-Apr-2001
Python-Version: 2.2
Post-History: 14-Aug-2001


    This document describes the post-Python 2.1 development and
    release schedule.  The schedule primarily concerns itself with
    PEP-sized items.  Small bug fixes and changes will occur up until
    the first beta release.

    NOTE: the schedule below and the list of features under
    consideration are all subject to change!  If the energy in the
    community changes or the feedback on a PEP is particularly
    positive or negative, this may affect decisions.

Release Schedule

    Tentative future release dates.  Note that we've slipped this
    compared to the schedule posted around the release of 2.2a1.

    19-Dec-2001: 2.2   (final release)
    12-Dec-2001: 2.2c1 (release candidate)
    14-Nov-2001: 2.2b2
    10-Oct-2001: 2.2b1
    19-Sep-2001: 2.2a3 (new! a third alpha)
    22-Aug-2001: 2.2a2
    18-Jul-2001: 2.2a1

Release Manager

    Barry Warsaw will take over as the release manager.  Guido and
    Barry will release 2.2a2 together, after that Barry will be
    responsible for releases.

Release Mechanics

    We'd like to experiment with a new mechanism for releases: a week
    before every alpha, beta or other release, we'll fork off a branch
    which will become the release; changes to the branch will have to
    be approved before they can be checked in.  This is how some other
    large projects (e.g. Mozilla) work, and we hope it will help
    reduce the number of bugs introduced in releases at the last

Planned features for 2.2

    The following features are already checked in on the head revision
    (for a more detailed account, see Misc/NEWS):

    - iterators (PEP 234)
    - generators (PEP 255)
    - division (PEP 238)
    - unification of types and classes (PEP 252, PEP 253)

    Work on the class/type unification is still ongoing.

    The following features are under consideration:

    - unifying long ints and plain ints (PEP 237)

    There needs to be more discussion of each of these before we can


    This document has been placed in the public domain.

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