[Python-Dev] Proposed PEP: Optimizing Global Variable and Attribute Access

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 20:08:56 -0400

>>>>> "SM" == Skip Montanaro <skip@pobox.com> writes:

    SM> Here's a first stab at a PEP for optimizing global variable
    SM> and attribute access.  Barry, when you get a chance, could you
    SM> assign it a number and let me know about any PEP-related
    SM> formatting mistakes I made?

Done.  It's PEP 266, but I had to shorten the title.  It was too long
even with the new limit <44 wink> (give 'em an inch... :).  Other than
that you did a fine job for a virgin PEP author!  I made a few other
edits, but mostly so I could piss on the hydrant. :)
    SM> (It would be nice if PEP 1 referenced a piece of boilerplate
    SM> people could use.  While the PEP Style section lists the
    SM> headers, I wasn't sure what the Version and Last-Modified
    SM> headers were actually supposed to look like.  Also, it wasn't
    SM> clear what I was supposed to put in the Post-History: header.)

Both excellent suggestions.  I've added PEP 9, which can be used as a
template for both Informational and Standards Track PEPs.  I've often
found I wanted something I could just copy-and-edit to get started
quickly on a new PEP.

I've clarified a few things in PEP 1.